Operating charges

The following chart shows a comparison of the various sub-categories.

Purchases of goods, services and miscellaneous goods rose by 1.6 million euros overall due to:

  • increased expenditure on fuel for vessels and floating equipment, caused by higher fuel prices;
  • increased expenditure for additional IT support, made necessary by a number of important ongoing projects;
  • increased expenditure for studies concerning the Amoras project;
  • decreased advertising expenditure;
  • costs for temporary employees remained stable.

The personnel costs amounted to 117.5 million euros, compared with 113.7 million euros in 2009. This means payroll costs rose by 3.4%. The main reasons for the increase are as follows:

  • an increase in the contribution rate for social security in pool 2 of RSZ-PPO (i.e. State Social Security Provincial & Local Government Departments);
  • an impact of the new Collective Labour Agreement for a higher end-of-year bonus and the scrapping of certain transition scales;
  • a very slight increase in the number of members of personnel, expressed in full-time equivalents;
  • the consumer prices index rising above a trigger point, so that wages were raised by 2% as of October 2010.

In the operating expenses there is an increase in the provisions of 9.8 million euros. A new study was carried out to determine the financial consequences of the known environmental risks faced by the Port Authority. As a result of this a number of adjustments were made, but the overall effect was more or less neutral. As mentioned last year in the notes to the annual accounts, at that time it was not yet possible to make a reasonable estimate of the risk associated with the “Fort Filip” site. This risk has now been assessed, leading to an increase in the provision. However, the Port Authority is of the opinion that various other parties are also liable for these environmental risks.

The main components of the other operating charges are the withholding tax on income from real estate and the tax on water supply points.

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