Antwerp Port Authority

Antwerp Port Authority was set up in 1997 by the City of Antwerp as an independent, municipally-owned company with its own powers of decision-making and personnel policy, able to form collaboration agreements with other companies and government departments. It was given its present legal status as an independent municipal port authority by the Port Decree. This form of business organisation enables it to react quickly and appropriately to the rapid developments in shipping and the economy, at both national and international level.

Antwerp Port Authority has a board of directors which includes representatives of industry, the port companies, the left bank part of the port and the nature associations. By decree it also has members from the various political parties represented in the City Council.

The core tasks of Antwerp Port Authority are to act as a landlord and to develop the port infrastructure. To increase the added value that the port generates for the city and the region in a sustainable way, assure high-quality, uninterrupted services and provide well developed facilities, the Port Authority also carries out a whole series of operational tasks (tugging, dredging etc.), as well as various marketing and commercial activities. It aims to continue carrying out all these tasks in future in a cost-efficient way, while being open to new developments.

In addition, however, the role of port operator has acquired a new dimension. The old concept in which freight transport was seen as the sum of different sections of land and sea transport is no longer tenable; instead, a port is viewed more and more as a link in an interconnected logistics chain that stretches from the overseas “foreland” to the continental hinterland, in a continuous flow of goods without borders. Accordingly, the role of port operator no longer ceases at the boundaries of the port. We face a new and interesting challenge.

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