Second lock and Antwerp Coordination Centre

The Port Authority has several large ongoing projects that will be spread over a number of years. Below we look at some of these.

Second lock for the Waasland port

Second lock: necessary for further development of the port

On 2 July 2010 the Flemish government approved the financing arrangements for construction of a second lock serving the Waasland port (i.e. the port area on the left bank). With the Waasland expansion these new facilities were absolutely necessary for further development of the port as a whole. Furthermore a second lock will offer more security of operation, as there will always be at least one lock available. Also, the second lock will be deeper than the Kallo lock.

The tender procedure began in 2010 and work is due to start after the construction industry holiday in 2011. The lock is due to be operational by 2016. The construction work will partly be carried out on behalf of SPV, a subsidiary of the recently formed Vlaams Havens company in which the Port Authority is a majority shareholder.

Antwerp Coordination Centre

The increasing density of shipping traffic and the ever larger size of ships calling at the port have made it necessary for all the services involved in traffic control to be brought together on a shared platform in a single building. The plans for a new building beside the Zandvliet lock took concrete form last year.

New Port House on quay 63

A new Port House for a modern personnel policy
c Zaha Hadid Architects

The old Port House on the Entrepot quay has become too small for the present workforce, while the constant striving for excellent service makes a number of changes necessary. Or to put it in port jargon, the chain approach has to be optimised by centralising the administrative and technical service (currently spread over two locations). With the new Port House the board of directors also seeks to provide an appropriate setting in which to welcome delegations from the worlds of shipping and politics. The new building is intended to symbolise the Port of Antwerp as a world port and as the economic engine of Flanders and the Antwerp area.

The design studies were entrusted to Zaha Hadid Architects in London, and the final design was approved by the board of directors on 31 August 2010. Construction of the new Port House will take more than three years; work will start in spring 2012 and the building will enter service in 2014.

New Thornton Road data centre

The Port Authority currently has data centres in its Port House and in the technical department on quay 63. When it leaves the first of these locations (or both) the Port Authority will have to build a new data centre. The site chosen is Thornton Road, situated in the heart of the port and conveniently close to the glass fibre backbone. Work has already started, and the new data centre is due to enter service in 2012.



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