The year of the foreland

PAI has prominent presence in foreland

Antwerp Port Consultancy (APC) was reorganised and renamed as Port of Antwerp International (PAI) in 2010. APC, a subsidiary of Antwerp Port Authority, specialised in consulting and advisory tasks. PAI by contrast aims to actively invest in projects that could be of interest for the port of Antwerp, along with public or private partners from Antwerp or the host country. The Port Authority therefore decided to give it greater investment capacity by raising more share capital, and also to expand its personnel base.

The Port Authority aims to systematically expand its presence outside Europe, especially in economic growth regions that are able to generate trade. For this purpose PAI can call on the wide expertise and know-how of the port of Antwerp and its private partners, thus further expanding Antwerp’s international port network. The projects are located in strategically chosen regions such as India, Brazil and Africa.

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