Security and safety

Antwerp gets top marks for security

Port security has become a matter of great concern in the past few years. Not only are ports vulnerable to organised crime, but they are also possible targets for terrorists. The port of Antwerp has put considerable efforts into achieving compliance with international standards. Inspections by the European Commission and working visits by the US Coast Guard have both contributed to the good reputation that the port has for security and safety. The Port Authority aims to play a coordinating role in matters of port security. The various projects launched last year testify to the Port Authority's wide vision when it comes to security.

There are 88 port facilities (terminals etc.) in the Antwerp port area that come under the terms of the ISPS (International Ship & Port facility Security) Code and so are required to take the corresponding security measures. They are inspected for compliance with these measures by various supervisory authorities.

After an inspection by the port authorities each site receives a “document of compliance” valid for five years. Within this period there are another two inspections by the port authorities, which may or may not be combined with inspections by the National Authority for Maritime Security. Regular audits of the security plan for the port and a number of sites within it are also carried out by the European Commission (DG Move). Finally our port also receives regular visits from the US Coast Guard. The latter attaches particular importance to the implementation and oversight of security measures in our port, as Antwerp is the most important port for North America.

Antwerp Port Authority plays an organising and facilitating role in all inspections carried out by the various supervisory authorities.


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